Theresa Schultz – a Self-Publishing Success Story

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by Michael Leppert

Theresa Klunk Schultz is a self-publishing success. Motivated by her genuine interest in other people and her desire to share her useful knowledge with them, in 2007, she began by writing a regular column in Real Authentic Woman magazine, entitled “This, I’ve Learned”, with a positive outlook and based on her life experiences as a mother of four grown children; a 25-year real estate agent in Southern California and a not-happy-with-this-situation divorced woman. Each of these aspects of her column later became books. Ms. Schultz strives to maintain a positive attitude and mental state, despite her outward conditions and places a spiritual element into everything she writes. Being a woman of strong faith, she brings faith and light to her readers in every endeavor.

Her three books are:

Dear God, I’m Divorced, offering comfort to anyone experiencing the pain and loss of divorce or similar life tests. Theresa shares her own pain in such a way that the reader may often say: “Yes, that is me, too!” This cathartic little tome can aid in healing from the emotional wound of divorce or other experiences that tear the fabric of Life.

It’s Like… which offers many lessons that are never touched upon in real estate training sessions and courses, and based on Ms. Schultz’ real-life experiences in selling real estate in one of the most distinguished and competitive markets in the country – eastern Ventura County, California.

It’s a Happy Face Day—Simple Rhymes for Happy Times, especially for little ones and which is a manifestation of Theresa’s desire to uplift others and make them happy — including herself! She wants the book to inspire readers to begin each day with a smile in their hearts and on their faces. Theresa comes from a large family and she attributes her desire to share her thoughts with others, through her writing, as an outgrowth of the sharing atmosphere of early life.

Theresa enlisted the services of Instant Publisher, a Memphis-based publishing company, whose main business is working with motivated, talented authors, in order to help her make her dreams tangible realities, that actually serve people at large.