Famous Homeschoolers

  • James Madison, (1751-1836)
    4th president of the United States, author of many of the Federalist Papers and constructor of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Madison was taught at home by his parents and by tutors who were supervised by his parents. Ansel Adams is arguably one of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century. He was also a homeschooler.
  • Andrew Wyeth, (1917- )
    American “painter of the people”, attended school until 3rd grade when poor health made it necessary for him to stay home. His father, N.C. Wyeth, chose to teach Andrew himself rather than struggle with more absences due to ill health. Andrew never received a high school diploma or a college degree, yet he is one of the most successful painters in American history.
  • Andrew Jackson, (1767-1845)
    7th president of the United States. Jackson’s father died the year of his birth and Andrew was tutored at home, receiving a solid education, from 1775 to 1780, which enabled him to later return to school at 15 and become a lawyer in 1787, at the age of 20.
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