Arkansas Homeschooling Laws

Reporting: Written notice of intent to homeschool must be filed annually with the local superintendent of schools by August 15 for the fall semester; December 15 for the spring or 14 days before removing the child from public school. (The Notice of Intent and Waiver are both available for download at The Education Alliance website below.)

Compulsory Attendance: Age 5 to 17 (a waiver can be obtained from the state for children under age 6 on September 15).

Testing: The child must take the same standardized tests as public school students in Gr 3 through 9.

State Organization(s):
The Education Alliance
414 S. Pulaski Suite 9, Little Rock, AR 72201 – Tel: 501-978-5503
F: 501-375-7040; Email:

Conventions: (1) Sponsors an annual convention. Check website for updates.
(2) The 2007 Northwest Arkansas Home School Convention is another annual convention. Check the above website for updates.