At Home Martial Arts is a 6-DVD program that not only teaches homeschoolers to become physically fit and achieve their white belt, but it also focuses on building character and confidence, without mysticism!

Designed and developed by Jason Purcell, a previous homeschooler as well as a martial arts master, this system is currently used to teach martial arts as a form of physical education, the importance of good health and equally important, respectfulness, values, virtues and integrity.

Every program includes a set of 6 instructional DVDs, a 224-page fully illustrated instruction manual, a kicking paddle, a white belt and add-on stripes that must be earned to be placed on the white belt.

These stripes are used as a tool to encourage respectful behavior and they are to be earned outside of the martial arts environment. For instance, the blue stripes are “respect” stripes. The martial arts student is encouraged to earn them by reaching a goal the parent/instructor has set — i.e., exhibiting respectful behavior to family members, helping an elderly neighbor with errands, helpfulness at home, etc. Once the student has reached each goal, the stripe is placed on the white belt. To encourage healthy eating, the system also includes “nutritional” stripes that may earned by eating healthier meals, trying new foods, eating less “junk” food, etc.

Additionally, to help build confidence, the instructional DVDs are designed in a series of steps, motivating the student to proceed to the next level as the previous step has been mastered.

Once the student has reached the top level of this system, the white belt (included in the package) is earned. As a recommended option, as the student completes the program, a video can be taken of the student performing each step by the parent/instructor and sent to the company founder, Jason Purcell, who will critique the performance. Also included in the instruction manual is a written test that can be submitted to Jason for review.

The At Home Martial Arts program is affordable — $197. According to Jason, the average completion time to achieve the white belt is 3-6 months. The cost of completing a program at a Martial Arts studio is much more expensive.’

For additional information, contact At Home Martial Arts at 206.240.9041 or visit www.athomemartialarts.com. CS