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  • Astro-Naut Aqua Naut, How Space Science and Sea Science Interact

    Author: Jennifer Swanson https://jenniferswansonbooks.com/ Review by Valerie Schuetta, M.Ed. If you are a teacher, homeschooling parent or a parent looking for an informative piece of science literature with breathtaking illustrations and photographs, this book will not disappoint. First of all, what captured my attention about this book was the vivid photographs and illustrations on the Continue Reading

  • Shakespeare for All!

    Why Shakespeare? Indeed! An Enrichment Study for the Hungry Mind 82 pages, 8.5” W x 11” H, softcover, small ring-bound by Amanda J. Murray, M.A. Published by 14 Rooms.org POB 1786 Alvin, TX 77512 www.14rooms.org Ideal for children and adults to read together – ages 11 or 12 to ?? by Michael Leppert There is Continue Reading

  • Admissions Advice for College-bound Special Needs Students

    by Crystal Reed of No Drama College Counseling, https://www.nodramacollegecounseling.com/ Over three million young people graduate from high school in the U.S. each year. Some of them can’t wait to rush out and take on the adult world, but just as many are terrified. Students with special needs often fall into the second category. The truth Continue Reading

  • RightStart™ and Fractions

    By Joan A. Cotter, Ph.D., https://rightstartmath.com/ Fractions have a bad reputation in the world of arithmetic as being incomprehensible and unpredictable. Cartoons exploit this fear of fractions for amusement. Believe or not, it’s all a huge misunderstanding. Fractions are necessary and amazing. They are needed, among other things, for telling time, for counting money and Continue Reading

  • Keva Planks – Build . . . Everything!

    KEVA planks 105 Dry River Rd Bridgewater, VA 22812 540 421-3786 www.kevaplanks.com. Ken@KEVAplanks.com by Janet Esposito KEVA planks appear incredibly basic at first glance – they’re “just” wooden blocks. Unlike many other construction sets, KEVA planks do not have connectors that join the pieces and there is no glue required. Each piece is the same Continue Reading

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