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Ranked by Princeton Review as a top U.S. college and a Top 10 Faculty

By Mary Leppert

Over the Christmas holidays, my son and I visited Simon’s Rock Bard Academy, in beautiful, cozy Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires region. Bard Academy is a boarding school on a peaceful, quiet campus that houses a unique concept – two-year high school, followed by two years or four years of college in the same school. This provides the ambitious, brimming-with-curiosity-and-drive student with the perfect setting for achievement and knowledge gaining — quickly.

Bard Academy is the only independent high school that provides the opportunity to complete high school in two years and at the end of 10th grade, switch to full-time college studies – at Simon’s Rock College, ranked as one of the nation’s best by Princeton Review. After two years of college work, the student can earn an Associate of Arts degree or can continue on two more years, at Simon’s Rock, to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Observant parents know that children are naturally curious and will explore everything in reach, unless stopped. Part of the essence of homeschooling is to be aware of this natural curiosity and nurture it – and Bard Academy follows a similar mindset – their two-year program is not a shortcut, but rather, the open invitation to explore and learn at high speed. The highly-skilled Bard Academy faculty (ranked Top 10 by Princeton Review) works in a mentorship capacity with the students to guide them through a wide variety of unique topics and subject matter, with attention to modern developments in science, math and other fields of endeavor. The curriculum includes the opportunity to be totally immersed in Spanish, Chinese or German languages and to explore the theories and modern practices underlying all of the arts – visual, musical, performance and cinematic.

Rather than have the last two years of high school spent in often-useless pursuits for college entrance, Bard Academy believes that students should spend these years forging ahead in their learning experience and segue seamlessly right into college work and beyond. For the motivated student who does not want to wait to gain the answers to his/her intellectual questions and to satisfy intellectual curiosity, Bard Academy is the perfect answer. It is an exciting environment for the pursuit of knowledge and to prepare for a lifetime of fulfilling work. Plus, the Berkshires region offers a large array of cultural and artistic resources – Tanglewood Music Center, MassMOCA, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Ensemble, Shakespeare & Company and more! Please visit Bard Academy’s website for complete information. ML