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Many intelligent individuals have learning disabilities. These individuals need to learn how to tap into learning strategies which help them process, retain, and transfer knowledge and information. If you are an individual with a specific learning disability you are in the company of many prominent individuals. Famous people in all walks of life, from government to entertainment, have dealt with learning disabilities or dyslexia or ADD/ADHD: Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, dyslexia; fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, dyslexia; former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw, AD/HD; and Virgin Records CEO Richard Branson, dyslexia.

Students with learning disabilities process information differently. These students need to receive information in a manner that makes sense to them. It is okay to process information differently. It is not okay is to have to struggle within traditional learning environments to makes sense of the content and the knowledge, to bring that information into the student’s schema. Too often the typical, large-classroom lecture setting at many universities plunges the student with learning disabilities into a downward spiral of juggling information and figuring out — or trying to figure out — how to grasp the information. This is the point where Beacon College shines, in bringing that information home to students who have learning disabilities.

Unlike traditional colleges with large student numbers in classes, Beacon College is exclusively for students who are learning disabled and the norm is small class sizes. The norm also includes accommodations and modification in instruction for students with learning disabilities. Beacon College provides the strategies and supports that assist individuals with learning disabilities in making sense of the content area studied.

Beacon prides itself in: The Beacon College Instructional Model, the Literacy Center, instructional modifications to meet the needs of the student, the infusion of a critical thinking component throughout all courses, academic mentors, a highly qualified faculty, an active student life program, and a summer cultural-studies-abroad program.

Join a community of learners who understand learning difference, respect difference in others, and value the growth of self-confidence in all students. Remember, Beacon College is the nation’s only four-year accredited college exclusively for students who have language-based learning disabilities, or attention deficit disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or who are LD Gifted. Earn a B.A. degree or an A.A. degree in Computer Information Systems, Human Services, or Liberal Studies. Visit us on the web at www.beaconcollege.edu for more information or telephone 352-787-7249. Our e-mail address is admissions@beaconcollege.edu.