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By R. G. Lorenzo

Los Angeles is home to many unique museums and the California African American Museum is one of them. CAAM is a thriving, living museum of modern artistic work and offers visitors a wide variety of exhibits, including films and displays by some of America’s finest graphic artists – Overton Loyd, Lynn Rossi, Nichelle Evans and future exhibitions of more great artists in music, dance, graphics, literature, plays . . . you name it!

African Americans have been among the heaviest contributors of American culture and the CAAM celebrates this history of contribution as well as the ongoing contributions of young Black contributors. From the genius of hip-hop, which would make the Greek poets and dramatists smile with pride and recognition at the mastery of the ancient art-form, to modern surrealists and photographers like the above-mentioned Loyd, Rossi and Evans, the African American community has brought insight and beautiful light to all of the United States in every medium there is. August Wilson, Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, the list is endless.

Homeschoolers are the hope of the country and let us hope that we can all build bridges to each other, so that our country will cease to suffer the darkness of discrimination and faulty judgment that can cripple us assuredly. Homeschooling families can effect this bridge-building far better than non-homeschoolers, as we are autonomous.

If you are African American, you owe it to your family and yourself to visit this excellent museum to your people. If you are not African American, and a homeschooling family, you need to visit CAAM to enjoy and appreciate the massive body of intellectual and artistic work that our African American citizens have created and often goes unrecognized by the at-large Anglo community. RGL