• Discovering Intelligent Design – A Journey Into the Scientific Evidence

    By Gary Kemper, Hallie Kemper and Casey Luskin Published by Discovery Institute Text: 285 pages, 8.5” x 11”, soft cover Workbook: 147 pages, 8.5” x 11” soft cover Curriculum DVD: 109 minutes By Michael Leppert “Intelligent Design: A scientific theory that holds that many features of the universe and life are best explained by an Continue Reading

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Two Great Books To Help You Help Your Child (and Yourself!)

    (1) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Your Child — 8 Proven Skills To Increase Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence – 354 pages, soft cover (2) EQ and Your Adolescent 11-15- Years Old- 366 pages, soft cover Both by Eileen D. Healy, MA, LMFT Family Pedia Publishing;Facebook page is: Assessed by Michael Leppert “Emotional Intelligence” or “EQ” Continue Reading

  • Mayan Unit Study

    By Kathryn Stout, B.S. Ed., M. Ed. 19 pages, downloadable e-book – $7.00 Copyright 1994, 1999, 2012All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. ISBN 1-891975-06-4 E-mail: Phone/Fax: (302) 998-3889 or 1-800-965-2719 or write to the address below. Published by Design-A-Study, 408 Victoria Ave.,Wilmington, DE 19804-2124 __________________________________ By Michael Leppert The Mayans were, by Continue Reading

  • Movies as Literature– Complete One Year High School English Course 408 Victoria Avenue Wilmington, DE 19804 Phone: 1-800-965-2719 Assessed by Jennifer Nairne Kathryn Stout, creator of the hugely-popular Design-A-Study series, has introduced a complete, one-year high school English course, entitled Movies as Literature.The goal is to help students understand the elements of a good story – whether on the screen or in print. Because Continue Reading

  • North Dakota Center for Distance Education – Online Education for Middle and High School Students 1510 12th Avenue North PO Box 5036 Fargo, ND 58105 (701) 231-6000 By Jennifer Nairne The North Dakota Center for Distance Education has been providing distance education for nearly eighty years. Over those eight decades, education generally — and distance education especially — have changed dramatically both in content and in delivery methods. Continue Reading