• Discovering Intelligent Design – A Journey Into the Scientific Evidence

    By Gary Kemper, Hallie Kemper and Casey Luskin Published by Discovery Institute Text: 285 pages, 8.5” x 11”, soft cover Workbook: 147 pages, 8.5” x 11” soft cover Curriculum DVD: 109 minutes By Michael Leppert “Intelligent Design: A scientific theory that holds that many features of the universe and life are best explained by an Continue Reading

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Two Great Books To Help You Help Your Child (and Yourself!)

    (1) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Your Child — 8 Proven Skills To Increase Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence – 354 pages, soft cover (2) EQ and Your Adolescent 11-15- Years Old- 366 pages, soft cover Both by Eileen D. Healy, MA, LMFT Family Pedia Publishing;Facebook page is: Assessed by Michael Leppert “Emotional Intelligence” or “EQ” Continue Reading

  • Melody Street Elementary Music Theory Website – for Free!

    Melody Street, LLC 5619 W. 4th Street, Suite 3 Hollywood, CA 90036 323-272-3790,,,   By Michael Leppert The homeschooling world is graced by many producers of products who possess the true zeal of sharing their knowledge with others with no thought given to financial gain. One such product is the Melody Street website, Continue Reading

  • Mayan Unit Study

    By Kathryn Stout, B.S. Ed., M. Ed. 19 pages, downloadable e-book – $7.00 Copyright 1994, 1999, 2012All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. ISBN 1-891975-06-4 E-mail: Phone/Fax: (302) 998-3889 or 1-800-965-2719 or write to the address below. Published by Design-A-Study, 408 Victoria Ave.,Wilmington, DE 19804-2124 __________________________________ By Michael Leppert The Mayans were, by Continue Reading

  • Movies as Literature– Complete One Year High School English Course 408 Victoria Avenue Wilmington, DE 19804 Phone: 1-800-965-2719 Assessed by Jennifer Nairne Kathryn Stout, creator of the hugely-popular Design-A-Study series, has introduced a complete, one-year high school English course, entitled Movies as Literature.The goal is to help students understand the elements of a good story – whether on the screen or in print. Because Continue Reading