Colorado Homeschooling Laws

Here, parents can be a homeschool, enroll in a private school that allows parents to teach at home or hire a tutor.

Reporting: Parents must file an annual notice of intent to homeschool with the local superintendent 14 days before they begin teaching. They must also maintain attendance records, standardized test results and immunization records.

Compulsory Attendance – Between ages 7 and 16. For homeschools, it is 172 days per year, four hours per day.

Required Subjects: Math, reading, writing, literature, public speech, science, civics, history and the Constitution of the US.

Testing: Parents are responsible to administer standardized tests for Gr 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 or have their child evaluated by a person they deem qualified.

State Organization(s): This state does not have a statewide organization. However the following will provide state information.
Colorado Academy of Independent Learners (CAIL) More
21135 Warriors Path Dr., Peyton, CO 80831
Contact: Kerry Kantor, P/F: 719.749.0200; Email:
“CAIL offers families the opportunity to be part of a private school, with many of the advantages a private school can offer while at the same time deriving all the benefits of a home-based education program.”