By Michael Leppert


The lack of scientific academics in American school children is well-known and often commented upon. Don Miller’s Crosswired Science is a curriculum company that believes that part of the reason for the decline in the number of America’s science-oriented students, is the delivery of the information. Crosswired teaches all sorts of science subjects with a definite objective to show kids & parents how incredible everything is. 


Crosswired is a team of credentialed teachers (California) who are trying to present a complete spectrum to students. The average graduating senior knows little or nothing about science. Currently, students receive biology instruction in 6th and 10th grades, and some earth and physical science in between, but the average high school grad has little grasp of science or its value in our lives. 


Mr. Miller takes this approach:  As the Crosswired student develops, Miller’s program teaches the same topics, but the information expands greatly and bridges to other content areas. CWS might present something in September, then again in November and April amplifying the concept topic each time around. As the child grows older, s/he can understand more of the depth of what is being taught.


Mr. Miller offers 25 teaching tips. One is to build great concepts instead of memorizing arbitrary facts. A lesson might center on the polarity of water (the molecular attraction of water to itself) then talk about how this plays a critical role in water being able to exist in a liquid state on earth.  The lesson would then gravitate to the importance of this molecular attraction in the transpiration of water in plants. Next, the material would teach that a newborn’s lungs have surfactant in them that is made by lung cells that breaks the polarity of water. Without this chemical being exactly in the right place, the newborn’s lungs would be sealed shut and no baby could survive. This progression of concepts, and many more elements in the lesson, establishes the concept of water polarity and how important it is to living things and how dangerous it can be too.


Crosswired offers great experiments that relate to the concepts that are fun and interesting. These help the students to understand significant concepts and how they relate to all sorts of cutting-edge inventions and machines.


Crosswired builds memorable concepts using the best resources available. CWS links to videos, animations, apps and websites that are already excellent for teaching.  


The PAK has a value of $400 alone.  And you get a complete video curriculum for two years too.


Crosswired Science offers two websites – a Christian site and a public school site This way, parents can be assured that the material will not conflict with the family’s beliefs or a school’s guidelines, and every child can access the CWS lessons. There are 72 units available currently. CWS can be used as a supplement to another science course or on its own. Visit either of their websites for much more information and help your child develop a solid and very exciting science foundation.