by David S. Stratton

Perhaps one of the most effective ways through which young people can learn about alternative energies is to use PicoTurbine kits, books or projects. PicoTurbine is the main promoter of alternative energies and has created awareness throughout the whole world of the numerous benefits of the large scale use of such energies. The environment needs to be protected and alternative energies definitely take into this account. Therefore, if humanity wants to benefit from the environment in the future, then active steps of protection need to be implemented now.

PicoTurbine devices work on several concepts. For instance, they actively incorporate the current knowledge of alternative energies and make sure people are reminded of this approach. The company receives a lot of feedback from customers, and modifies its solutions to traditional energies in a way young people seem to find fit. Therefore, young people get to put their hands directly on real-life situations and make a changes.
PicoTurbine has even been implemented in school curricula. Teachers are now starting to instill in their pupils appreciation for the environment and awareness of alternative energies. Children are being taught that alternative means solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or biomass energies that can produce considerable quantities of electricity under given conditions. When combining alternative energies, we can decrease our dependence on traditional energy derived from fossil fuel.

The company has also encouraged the sales of wind farms as well as solar arrays. These products are penetrating the market rapidly and they are already becoming best sellers. To give you one example of how time has helped reduce the total cost for certain things, take photo voltaic cells. Twenty years ago, they were $1,000 per cell; now, each one of those cells costs only $4. Economists and specialists in alternative energies have predicted that it is possible to have the kilowatt being sold for $1, in 2015. Thus, one needs to imagine the extraordinary impact that alternative energies would have on the entire world. Fossil fuels are starting to lose their popularity because to a large extent, they damage the environment and the air we breathe. An increase in the cases of asthma and pneumonia have been reported in recent years and the risks of developing allergies is elevated. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to the alternatives because they would mean no pollution, more protection to the environment and less money spent on energy costs. DSS