Hey, I’ve been doing this homeschooling gig a long time, and over the years I’ve met homeschooling moms that have one of two kinds of husbands in regards to homeschooling: (1) the kind of Dad that wants absolutely NOTHING to do with it except maybe providing the dollars for the homeschool curriculum, and (2) the kind of Dad that wants to offer help, whether just a little or a lot.

So, how do you transition the #1 kind of Dad into the #2 kind of Dad? First, you’ll need to take inventory and find out where Dad is spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. A simple conversation with your husband will help you to quickly get on the road to understanding his point-of-view and thought process about his part in this homeschooling journey. If he is resistant in ANY way, shape, or form, then do NOT try to force anything on him.  Dad is not going to respond positively to your nagging, pressuring, crying, or complaining. You want him on-board, and what you DON’T want is to have him defensive from the get-go!

If he does express reluctance for involvement, I suggest committing the issue to prayer, asking for his heart to be softened and his eyes to be opened to just how big this homeschool commitment actually is. Even if he doesn’t shoulder the teaching burden by taking on a class or two, if he at least gains an inkling of understanding of just how massive the burden is, then he can quickly become your cheerleader out of sheer appreciation towards you for taking ownership of the work load. And, trust me, you WILL need a cheerleader now and then.

Having Dad’s understanding will go a long way towards a positive attitude in your homeschool classroom. When Dad understands Mom’s heavy load, he can begin to show support with encouraging words and emotional support.  Eventually, he may begin to jump into the practical side of things, as well. His attentiveness to Mom’s thoughts and feelings won’t go unnoticed by the little people in the household either. Soon, the children will follow suit and begin to pitch a lending hand now and then, too. With Dad leading the helm with a positive example, the entire ship will be sailing to success!

Christee Brauckmann
Director, Supplier Services

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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