Illinois Homeschooling Laws

Another very lenient state. The former state director of the Department of Education was very openly supportive of homeschooling in the late 1990s. The atmosphere still seems very friendly here, but check for your self and assume nothing.

Compulsory Attendance: Between the ages of 7 and 17; not specifically defined for homeschoolers, but approximately 176 days for public schools.

Required Subjects: Math, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, comprehension, composition, physical sciences, biology, social sciences, fine art, health and physical education.

State Organization(s):
(1) Christian Home Educators Coalition
POB 34885, Chicago, IL 60634-0322; Tel & F: 773-278-0673

(2) Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE)
POB 307, Russell, IL 60075-0307; 847-603-1259;
(3) Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience (H.O.U.S.E.) (non-religious) 847-622-5200

H.O.U.S.E. sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates.
ICHE sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates.