Iowa Homeschooling Laws

In this state, parents may teach their own without having to hold a diploma or degree or they may choose to work under the oversight of a state-licensed teacher. There is virtually no difference between the two, unless the parent feels unqualified, of course.

Reporting: Parents must file an annual form called the “Competent Private Instruction Report Form” in duplicate with the local school district before the 1st day of public school or within 14 days of the child’s removal from public school.

Compulsory Attendance: Ages 6 to 16; 148 days per year

Testing: Parents have until May 1 each year to complete a standardized test and then file the results with the local school officials by June 30, along with a portfolio of the child’s work.

State Organization(s):
(1) Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE)
Box 158, Dexter, Iowa 50070; 515-830-1614 or 800-723-0438 (in Iowa)
E-mail: niche@netins.net
(2) Iowans Dedicated to Educational Alternatives (IDEA) Unschooling – E-mail:

Convention(s): None