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Learning to write computer code has never been more important. In the coming years, it will become like knowing a written language that is necessary for commerce throughout the world.

The underlying belief of Kids Can Code is that all children should learn to code, to be as proficient as possible for the world of tomorrow.

At Kids Can Code, they make computing fun. They teach children how to build their own websites, create video games and making projects of all sorts. KCC’s classes make the world of technology accessible and inviting.

The goal at KCC is to teach coding to children of all ages and experience levels. They believe that basic understanding of software develops skills that are essential to all children’s futures, including problem-solving and analytical thinking – not merely coding.

Computer Summer Day Camps

KCC will hold Computer Summer Day Camps in 3 locations of Southern California – Sherman Oaks, Pasadena and Agoura Hills. The first camp beginning date is June 8, 2015 and the last beginning date is August 3, 2015. The camps range in age from 8-10 beginners to 8-16 for Robotics the week of July 6 and August 3. The topics include: Introduction to Programming; Game Development & Design; Learn to Program with Scratch and all topics are offered twice.

Intro to Programming: Jun 8 – 12; Jun 15-19; Jul 13-17; Jul 20-24; age 11-16

This is KCC’s core program. No previous experience necessary. Students will be taught coding and graphics, telling the computer what to do. Throughout the class, students will learn not just the code, but the “why” behind the code, setting a strong foundation for future growth. The week will end with creating some games and animations.

Game Development & Design: Jun 15-19; Jul 20-24; age 11-16 intermediate experience

This class picks up from the Beginning class and builds on it. The class will discuss what makes a game fun? How do you test your game? What about art and sound? Each student will be encouraged to get creative and make something truly their own.

Learn To Program with Scratch: (No previous experience necessary) Jun 8-12, & Jul 13-17; age 8-10

This class was specifically created for younger students who aren’t quite ready for all the typing that “regular” programming entails, but really want to get started learning to code! Using the Scratch language from MIT, students will drag-and-drop “program blocks” to build up instructions – allowing them to focus more on their goals than on hunting for the right key.
Through the course of the week, they’ll create animations, interactive stories, and games to challenge their friends (and parents). And best of all, every child will be able to bring his/her creations home to share (we’ll help Mom & Dad with instructions for using Scratch at home).

Week of Technology (robotics and programming): Jul 6-10; Aug 3-7 beginner