“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

by Emerson Sandow

There is a new online Social Studies Learning website that offers exciting educational, yet entertaining material to children of all interests and ages. It is called Coolcher – www.coolcher.com.

Coolcher is the brainchild of Jatin Grover. Jatin’s goal is to bring globally-relevant, real-time video presentations to subscriber families in a wide variety of topics.

Being a parent himself, Jatin understands that parents want to ensure that their children receive a variety of extra-academic activities. All of Coolcher’s courses provide a dual-objective:

• To enhance the child’s creativity and curiosity and

• To bring alive a culture from a different region of the world to the child, to demonstrate the similarities we all share yet different ways we solve problems

Making the Coolcher videos live and interactive for the presentation, (and then archived for later    viewing as well) provides stimulating classes that set them apart from the static programs  or videos, typically seen on the web. These are real people bringing expert resources in real time and your child can interact with them.

Coolcher offers its courses over video conferencing, providing students with the opportunity to interact live, with the teacher, as well as other students connected live for that course. All courses are taught with a project-based learning pedagogy, so students of a course come together to create, e.g., an artwork, or a web portfolio, or a research presentation, at the end of the course. The curriculum is designed to make students Communicate, Collaborate, learn a Culture, and think Creatively. A small sample of the classes offered are: For ages 6 to 15, Spanish, Drumming, Contemporary Art and Learn About Lebanon. For ages 7 to 11, The Sun, Moon & Planets; 9 to 18, Web Design Around the World – and many, many more interesting and imaginative courses for varying age groups.

In addition to the live presentations at the scheduled times, all of Coolcher’s classes will be archived videos so they can be viewed later, if the live presentation was missed. We understand that different students learn at a different pace. Giving you access to the class archives, which can be re-viewed as often as the student wants, you can also review classes with your child, and make sure he stays on top. Most of the live classes are scheduled for afternoon and evenings, or on weekends, allowing children the flexibility to view them at a relaxed time.

To fully grasp the broad offerings, you will want to visit the Coolcher website with your child, and do some “shopping” for courses of interest, and get in touch with their instructors to learn more about them.

The subscription price is very affordable, and no credit card is required to sign up and start “shopping”. Help your child become globally aware today! Visit the website, www.coolcher.com for complete information! E.S.