Maine Homeschooling Laws

Parents can teach their children at home.

Reporting: Parents must file an annual notice of intent to homeschool within 10 days of the beginning of the school year. A copy of the notice must be provided to the local school district and the commissioner of education. Copies of all material filed with the school district must be kept until the child has completed his/her homeschooling.

Compulsory Attendance: Ages 7 to 17; 175 days per year.

Required Subjects: Math, language arts, English, social studies, physical education, science, health, fine arts, and state studies, between Gr 6 and 12 and computer skills between Gr 7 and 12.

Testing: Each year the parents must either administer a standardized test, a local school district test or have the child’s progress reviewed by a certified teacher.

State Organization(s):
(1) Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) Christian
POB 159, Camden, ME 04843-0159; 207-763-2880

Convention: Sponsors annual convention. See website for updates.

(2) Maine Home Education Association (Non-religious)
350 Duck Pond Rd, Westbrook, ME 04092