Maryland Homeschooling Laws

Here, parents can either simply teach their children at home or provide home instruction under the supervision of a school or church that is recognized by the state. The requirements are somewhat vague, so the homeschooling parents should investigate closely.

Reporting: Parents must file a notice of intent at least 15 days before beginning to teach the first year. Each year after that, they must inform the local school district if they will be homeschooling for that year. Parents must keep a portfolio of the student’s work and materials that have been taught, and be able to provide them at least 3 times per school year.

Compulsory Attendance: None specified per se.

Required Subjects: Same as the public schools are required to provide. Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, Physical Education and Health.

Testing: None

State Organizations:
(1) Christian Home Educators Network (CHEN)
POB 2010, Ellicott City, MD 21043; E-mail:

(2) Maryland Home Education Association (MHEA) (Non-religious)
9085 Flamepool Way, Columbia, MD 21045; Tel: 410-730-0073
F: 410-964-5720 fax – Email: MSmith@mhea.com

Convention: MHEA sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates.