Melody Street, LLC
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Hollywood, CA 90036



By Michael Leppert

The homeschooling world is graced by many producers of products who possess the true zeal of sharing their knowledge with others with no thought given to financial gain. One such product is the Melody Street website, wherein a young child can begin to learn music theory in a fun and interesting fashion.

The creators of Melody Street, film composer Gilad Benamram and film maker, Guy Frenkel, have already seen their unique creation being used by music teachers all over the world. It is no wonder. Melody Street is the perfect tool for a music teacher of young children to impart the basic concepts of music theory and an individual teacher could never create such a website alone. It takes an investment of time and money such as Messers Benamram and Frenkel have devoted.

Most music theory sites rely very heavily on text, but Melody Street has voice over – a talking violin named Val assists the user in navigating the website, through numerous games and adventures with other instruments, all the while imparting the information of elementary music theory. This voice-over aspect also allows parents to participate with their children without having to read everything on the screen.

The next step for the creators of Melody Street is a new interactive game where kids watch a video, then make choices that affect what happens next. The user can decide which of three instruments will come in next, which makes it like an elementary orchestration course! This process, in an elevated form, is what orchestrators and arrangers do in real-life professional musical settings!

Melody Street is also available in an iPad and iPhone app! There is nothing to buy to use Melody Street, except a $.99 app, but the remainder of the entire suite of services are free. Please check out Melody Street’s websites and bring this excellent program and its music into your child’s life. It will be the beginning of a lifelong adventure! MjL