Nevada Homeschooling Laws

Parents in this state have to prove their qualification to teach their children by demonstrating that they have one year of homeschooling experience in the United States; possessing a teaching credential from any state or possessing a signed statement that the parent has read and understood the Nevada statutes on homeschooling. These and other requirements here are very nebulous — a source of potential trouble.

Reporting: Parents have to file an annual written report that sets forth evidence that the child is receiving the level of education approved by the state board of education.

Compulsory Attendance: Ages 7 to 17; 180 days or the equivalent

Required Subjects: Math, English, science, social studies. As it is practical, the fine arts, health, physical education and computer instruction.

State Organization(s):
Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN)
POB 1212, Carson City, Nevada 89702; 888-842-2606 – E-mail:

Convention: Sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates