New Hampshire Homeschooling Laws

Reporting: Parents must file a Notice of Intent within 30 days of withdrawing a child from public school or having moved into the district, with the local school district, a private school principal or the state education commissioner. A portfolio must be maintained containing a list of reading materials used, samples of the child’s writing, workbooks, and other materials used.

Compulsory Attendance: Ages 6 to 16; no daily attendance requirement

Required Subjects: Math, reading, spelling, writing, language, health, history, art, music appreciation, government and U.S. and state Hampshire constitutional history.

Testing: By July 1, each year, the parents must file the results from a standardized test, the results of an assessment test used by the local school district, a written evaluation of the student by a certified teacher or some other standard of evaluation as indicated by the local school board.

State Organization(s):
(1) New Hampshire Homeschool Coalition (NHHC)
POB 2224, Concord, NH 03302; 603-437-3547 E-mail:

(2) Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire (CheNH)
Requires a Statement of Faith
POB 961, Manchester, NH 03105

Convention(s): Sponsors an annual conference. See website for updates.