New York Homeschooling Laws

Among the most stringent states in terms of record-keeping and reporting that parents must submit to.

Reporting: Attendance records must be maintained and if necessary, shown to the local superintendent of education. Quarterly reports must be filed with the superintendent, demonstrating the hours of instruction in that quarter, a description of what has been covered in each subject and a letter grade or evaluation in each subject.

Compulsory Attendance: From ages 6 to 16 or high school graduation

Required Subjects: K-12: Math, spelling, reading, writing, English, U.S. History, geography, health, science, fire safety, substance abuse, patriotism, citizenship, traffic safety. In Gr. 7-8, physical education and library skills are added. In Gr. 9-12, social studies, government and economics are added.

Testing: Parents must file an annual assessment by June 30 with the local superintendent of education. This comes from standardized test results every other year between Gr. 4 to 8 and every year for Gr. 9-12. The student must score above the 33rd percentile or risk having the homeschool be placed on probation. In the alternate years of the testing, the assessment can be prepared by a third party approved of by the superintendent.

State Organization(s):
(1) APPLE Family & Homeschool Group
POB 2036, No. Babylon, NY 11703 – E-mail: info@APPLEnetwork.US

(2) New York State Loving Education At Home (LEAH) (Christian)

(3) Parents Instructing Challenged Children (PICC)
Barb Mulvey, 700 W. Liberty St, Rome, NY 13440-3942
Tel: 315-339-5524 after 2:00 p.m. on weekdays – E-mail:

Convention(s): #2 sponsors two annual conventions. Check website for updates.