North Carolina Homeschooling Laws

Parents must possess a high school diploma or GED to homeschool.

Reporting: File a Notice of Intent with the local school district before beginning.

Compulsory Attendance: Between the ages of 7 and 16; at least 9 months per year.

Required Subjects: None specifically, but the annual standardized test must cover Math, Reading, English grammar and spelling.

Testing: Annual test as noted above.

State Organization(s):
(1) North Carolina African-American Homeschoolers (All-inclusive)

(2) Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina – E-mail:

(3) North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE)
4326 Bland Road, Raleigh, NC 27609
Tel: 919-790-1100 F: 919-790-1892 E-mail:

Convention(s): NCHE sponsors an annual conference. Check website for updates.