Oregon Homeschooling Laws

This state is very lenient in its requirements. There are no reporting requirements except to notify the local school district in writing when the child begins to be homeschooled and if the family relocates, notifying the new district again. There are no annual attendance laws or required subjects specified.

Compulsory Attendance: Age 7 to 18 or completion of 12th grade

Testing: A state-approved assessment test must be administered in Gr 3, 5, 8 and 10, administered by a qualified third party. If the child has been removed from public school, the first such test must be administered within 18 months of that removal. Families with children with disabilities have further requirements, so check first, if this is your case.

State Organization(s):
(1) Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN)
POB 1386 Beaverton, OR 97075; Message Line: 503-321-5166
http://www.ohen.org/ – Email: info@ohen.org

(2) Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEAN)
17985 Falls City Rd., Dallas, OR 97338; Message: (503) 288-1285
http://www.oceanetwork.org – E-mail: oceanet@oceanetwork.org

(3) LDS – Oregon Home Educators Association (LDS-OHEA)

Convention(s): #2 and #3 sponsor annual conferences. Check websites for updates.