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Healthy eating is becoming more important to American consumers; no longer considered a fringe matter, what goes into food and therefore, what goes into the human person, is vitally significant, as dangerous additives, genetically-modified foods and overuse of some ingredients comes to the information forefront.
Health-conscious consumers realize that when considering organic food items, the matter goes beyond produce and grains. What a potential food animal is fed is just as important.

If you raise your own rabbits or chickens, for the sake of your animals and your family, the meat and eggs should be as organic as possible. Consider Modesto Milling as your organic feed supplier.

Modesto Milling gained its first organic certification from Oregon Tilth of Salem, Oregon in January 1998, becoming the first organic grain processor in Central California. Ninety-nine percent of the ingredients they use are organic or naturally-mined products.
Modesto Milling takes pride in the fact that their clients regularly tell them how their products have increased their animals and birds’ health, wellbeing and production. Modesto’s success comes from using the finest ingredients and working with customers to develop the optimal formulations for their feeds.

Poultry Feeds: Just as cats and dogs have different stage-of-life needs, so do chickens and other poultry animals. Modesto offers a line of feeds especially formulated for the different life stages of your poultry. Certified organic herbs are used in all of their poultry formulas and many of them offer the powerful, healthful properties of garlic, anise oil, horseradish and juniper berry, as well as mineral-rich kelp meal. If freedom from soy protein is important to you, Modesto Milling has done extensive research and developed healthy poultry feed alternatives to soy-based proteins with other plant-based alternatives.

Rabbit Feeds: MM’s rabbit pellets use organic herbs such as garlic, anise oil, anise seed, rosemary oil and thyme to enhance your animal’s health and vigor.

Livestock Feeds: If you raise goats, pigs, or other larger livestock, Modesto Milling also has the same high-quality organic feeds and supplements for them.

Please visit the Modesto website,, for complete ingredient information as well as ordering and details about Modesto’s milling procedures.