Vol. I [8-1/4 x 11, 381 pgs, $24.95]   (K-2) Beginning Science Learners
Vol II [8-1/4 x 11, 469 pgs, $29.95]   (Gr 3-5) Intermediate Science Learners
Vol. III [8-1/4 x 11, 506 pgs, $34.95] (Gr 6-8) Advancing Science Learners

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Science is such a broad landscape that many teachers and parents can be completely stumped as to what to teach, when to teach it, and where to start. Press for Learning’s curriculum, “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding” (BFSU) lays out lessons that address and integrate all the major areas of science and build understanding in a logical systematic manner.

Developed by career scientist, teacher, and observer of how children learn, Dr. Bernard Nebel, BFSU sets out a logical, step-by-step path in three volumes, that allow the teacher to confidently go forward with teaching, knowing that the appropriate grade level will be covered and the sequence will lead to successful learning.

This is done by adhering to modern principles of how children actually learn. These principles demonstrate that typically, children are taught to memorize information that has no connection to themselves or their lives and has no context of understanding. Therefore, the information is soon forgotten or half-remembered and confused. Worse, children do not learn rational and critical thinking with this faulty approach.

Dr. Nebel designed BFSU to eliminate this frustrating condition by following three simple principles of teaching:

  • Lessons must connect to what children see and experience in their everyday lives.
  • Lessons must relate to, build on, and connect to one another so that understanding is developed in logical, systematic increments—a natural sequence of stepping-stones.
  • Thinking, like learning to play the piano, is developed by continual exercise and practice, not by a handful of lessons requiring thinking.

The BFSU curriculum requires no special background in science or teaching and is very reasonably-priced, especially factoring in the fact that each volume covers 2 years of teaching.

BFSU is designed by having four “threads” of disciplines: Nature of Matter, Life Science, Physical Science and Earth & Space Science. These threads are followed through the entire curriculum and connect at various points throughout. This way, students gain a broader and more integrated understanding that encompasses all of the major areas of science.

BFSU emphasizes child-centered and hands-on learning that promotes critical and rational thinking. Rather than memorizing facts, the lessons require students to observe, experiment and think about the problem or topic at hand. This develops a lifelong habit of thought-based opinion forming. This approach also builds retention of facts, since they are applied to real-life and real situations.

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