Christian Homeschooling

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Gaining Dad’s Support in the Christian Homeschool Classroom

Hey, I’ve been doing this homeschooling gig a long time, and over the years I’ve met homeschooling moms that have one of two kinds of husbands in regards to homeschooling: (1) the kind of Dad that wants absolutely NOTHING to do with it except maybe providing the dollars for the homeschool curriculum, and (2) the kind of Dad that wants to offer help, whether just a little or a lot.
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How Do You Know if Your Child Has a Learning Disability?

The material below was originally a response to an interview by Tina Farewell, formerly of Lifetime Books and Gifts
TINA: How do you know if your children have a learning disability?
JOYCE: This very question reflects an acceptance of the SYSTEM’s worldview which says if a child forced through the system isn’t learning, the system is perfect and the child is broken. It further assumes that, given the SAME approach and opportunity, every child will perform the same and make the same progress. I do not hold this worldview.
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