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Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock – High School in Two Years for the Motivated Student

Ranked by Princeton Review as a top U.S. college and a Top 10 Faculty

Over the Christmas holidays, my son and I visited Simon’s Rock Bard Academy, in beautiful, cozy Great Barrington, Massachusetts, in the Berkshires region. Bard Academy is a boarding school on a peaceful, quiet campus that houses a unique concept – two-year high school, followed by two years or four years of college in the same school. This provides the ambitious, brimming-with-curiosity-and-drive student with the perfect setting for achievement and knowledge gaining — quickly.
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Columbia College

About Online Campus
If work, military or family obligations have kept you from attending a traditional college, you are an excellent candidate for pursuing your college degree online. The Online Campus at Columbia College offers you an affordable and convenient option for earning your college degree.
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