Disaster Preparedness

The Survival Center

“Preparedness is a lot like insurance, you have to have it before the need arises.”
Homeschoolers tend to be — or become — independent and self-reliant. Nothing makes you more inclined to be responsible for your own life than being responsible for your child’s education and daily life, instead of relying upon the government to do it! Once you become aware of child-rearing autonomy, you can never turn back.
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72-Hour Food Planning

A crisis or emergency is a high stress time for everyone. It is especially important to have high energy foods available during these times. Food that is high in calories (even empty calories) is recommended for these times. If you plan ahead, you can have meals that are not only high in energy, but also nutritious.
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A Family Preparedness Plan for Disaster

Author Karen McHale, an engineer, emergency planner and volunteer firefighter, has written books relating to two different topics of with emergency awareness.

The first, Fire Station Buddies, was conceptualized as a series of books to inform and interest children in emergency safety and response, as well as to raise funds to aid the volunteer fire departments around the country.
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