Home-Based Businesses

Simply Fun – a Great Way to Make a Living!

By Michael Leppert
Do you want to be a Playologist Builder? Want to have your own business, selling fun, valuable and educational games to other parents in your home or a host’s?
As a homeschooler, you already know the value of “learning play”, that what your child learns while playing, remains with him/her much longer than what is learned in a non-play atmosphere. Play also builds confidence, competence, character, can develop fine-motor skills and provide a host of other significant values. This value applies to teens as well. So, imagine being able to make a living — or supplement your living — by presenting a home show putting high-quality games in the hands of other parents! Read More

Own Your Own Business –
A Perfect Solution For Homeschoolers In Uncertain Times

Homeschoolers are a brave lot. You defy convention and take the road less traveled. The commitment and energy required to homeschool is more than most people can handle. Being a full-time teacher AND a full-time parent consumes the day and often stretches family finances to their limit.
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