Online Learning

North Dakota Center for Distance Education – Online Education for Middle and High School Students

The North Dakota Center for Distance Education has been providing distance education for nearly eighty years. Over those eight decades, education generally — and distance education especially — have changed dramatically both in content and in delivery methods. But through all those changes, ND CDE has been dedicated to providing students, teachers, parents, and schools the best materials and delivery methods necessary for every student to be successful.
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Independent Study High School–Online, accredited, university-based high school

While politicians and policy-makers debate the current condition of public education in the United States, “we the people” are left to fend for ourselves. And for parents of high schoolers, this is an immediate crisis – not some abstract exercise in political philosophy. How can a child get into college if the classes needed aren’t even being offered at the local school? Every child deserves the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and become the productive citizens we need to keep our country moving forward.
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