Theatre & Drama

“The Play’s the Thing” — as a Teaching Method for Reading, Social Studies, Math or the Arts,via Accompany!

Homeschooling support groups present a unique resource to their member families, often functioning as a flexible but constant base for activities requiring a large group. Live theatre is one of these activities and it is one of the most powerful vehicles for teaching.

Accompany Publishing company, staffed with professional playwrights, actors, musicians and educators, offers some of the most exciting teaching products imaginable. For instance, in their series, Class Play Kits, their play about the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., “Fire of Vesuvius” (Gr 5-8) provides a completely fun and engrossing way to study social studies, earth sciences and language arts — and some ancient history, too! Imagine, learning about these often “dry” academic topics in such an attractive, useful and lively medium!
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Movies as Literature– Complete One Year High School English Course

Kathryn Stout, creator of the hugely-popular Design-A-Study series, has introduced a complete, one-year high school English course, entitled Movies as Literature.The goal is to help students understand the elements of a good story – whether on the screen or in print. Because movies are a simplified version of the storytelling process, the course uses classic films to introduce high school students to the structure of storytelling in a variety of genres.

Students study the elements of literary analysis through 17 lessons which include thought-provoking questions. You will be amazed how the lessons can lead to interesting discussions for the whole family. In addition to the discussion and composition questions included in each lesson, the student workbook contains a glossary of key terms and the space needed to take notes during each film. Parents will appreciate the simplicity and organization of the student workbook, allowing students to keep all their coursework contained in one place.

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