Unit Study

Relaxed Unit Studies

Do the words “relaxed” and “unit studies” seem like an unlikely coupling? Many of the moms I’ve known who have based the majority of their instruction on unit studies have burned out after awhile, due to the heavy demands of this “hands-on approach”, but it really doesn’t have to turn out that way.
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Cotton’s Journey: Planting the Seeds of Knowledge

Have you ever wondered where the clothes you and your family wear come from… or the dressing you put on your salad… or the sheets and towels you use every day? Did you know that fine writing paper, medical supplies, plastics, cosmetics, recording tapes and even the money you use to buy these things are made from COTTON?
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Mayan Unit Study

The Mayans were, by our Western standards, one of the most advanced native peoples that ever lived. We hear of the Egyptians and their building skills and advanced culture, but until recently, seldom have we heard of the Mayans in this light. They werea fascinating and mysterious people who achieved far more in the realms of math and science than the Egyptians — and were expert builders in their own right. One Mayan structure, The Pyramid of the Sun, has a base as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza!
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