Two levels:
Level 1: For preschoolers with language delays
Level 2: Children who are ready for kindergarten work

By Michael Leppert

Read It Once Again offers 30 different sets of material, each one based a book such as Big Red Barn, The Gingerbread Man, The Little Engine That Could, etc. Each program includes two 3-ring binders of lessons and a CD of reproducible art that coincides with the lessons.

While Read It Once Again was developed to teach young children with learning disabilities and language delays, it can be used effectively in regular preschool settings.
Most preschool classes use familiar children’s storybooks and stories and children with delayed language processing skills, such as autism, do not always have the time they need to become familiar with the key words and the concepts that occur in the stories in the normal teaching situation. However, homeschooling parents do not have to be chained to a usual schedule and they can take the time their child needs to fully master the available concepts. In non-learning-delayed children, RIOA offers the advantage of introducing familiar children’s literature at this early age.

Each Unit of Read It Once Again follows this pattern: You receive two 3-ring binders consisting of the entire curriculum you have chosen. For example, using the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you begin by reading the story to your child, developing his/her length of attention span. Then the program gives you activities to do to reinforce learning the information from the story. This includes identifying colors, shapes, matching similar qualities, etc. RIOA offers development of these skills: Speech & Language, Cognitive, Fine Motor and Gross Motor, Self-help and Music & Rhymes.

Read It Once Again uses rhyme, rhythm and repetition to promote language skills, making it fun to use as well as effective. Homeschoolers know that making learning fun is the best way to make it “stick”.

Parents with a special needs child who can develop language skill, but at a slower pace, will find RIOA valuable in all of its facets. It provides lesson planning aid, adheres to state standards and guidelines, can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to the curriculum you are already using.

Please visit the website, www.readitonceagain.com, today and see how Read It Once Again can help you and your child to a more productive learning experience. MjL