by Michael Leppert

For many years, it has disturbed me that “science” occupies a place of respect as an objective field of endeavor that is completely out of line with its true practice —science may have been objective at one time, meaning that its reason to exist was the seeking of the TRUTH of this or that. Over the years, I have observed that science is not objective by any stretch, but rather, very subjective, usually with an underlying agenda.

In pondering this state of affairs, I recently realized that the field of Science has done a switcheroo with the Catholic Church of medieval Europe when the church leaders jailed Copernicus, for instance, for his heliocentric theory, saying that it violated the view of the solar system set forth in the Bible. To our 20th Century minds, this was a gross over-stepping of what should have been the Church’s realm.

Today, in the issues of vaccination, for instance, the “scientific” community lobbies and legislates things in the name of science that are not science, they are lab hoodoo, done around an alcohol lamp or Bunsen Burner, by people dressed in long white coats, chanting an “impressive” array of Latin terms every so often for effect, and collecting lots of money in study grants to do more hoodoo.

The majority of people wearing lab coats do not practice actual science by the definition most of us understand, but a quasi-religion that finds what it looks for and doesn’t look for anything it can’t find. If you have noticed and been disturbed by this sort of thing, let me offer this:
Gary Zukav, in his 1979 layman’s view of quantum physics, The Dancing Wu Li Masters* (William Morrow, 1979), provides the following definition on page 9:

“When most people say ‘scientist’ they mean ‘technician.’ A technician is a highly trained person whose job is to apply known techniques and principles. He deals with the known. A scientist is a person who seeks to know the true nature of physical reality. He deals with the unknown. In short, scientists discover and technicians apply.”

Now we can all rest a lost more easily when we hear a white coat talking about Darwin’s theory of evolution as if it were a proven, scientific fact: We are listening to technicians, not scientists. One reason this matters to me is that science has loomed larger as a curriculum aspect than it merits, in my opinion, and “scientists” have intruded into the lives of Americans in the aforementioned vaccination issue and many others. This is primarily because scientists (“technicians”) and their PR people have made themselves the “priestly” class in 20th and 21st Century life. MjL