By Michael Leppert

Do you want to be a Playologist Builder? Want to have your own business, selling fun, valuable and educational games to other parents in your home or a host’s?

As a homeschooler, you already know the value of “learning play”, that what your child learns while playing, remains with him/her much longer than what is learned in a non-play atmosphere. Play also builds confidence, competence, character, can develop fine-motor skills and provide a host of other significant values. This value applies to teens as well. So, imagine being able to make a living — or supplement your living — by presenting a home show putting high-quality games in the hands of other parents!

This is the model for Simply Fun, a company that has created a direct sales process using the home show model. If you are a motivated person, who enjoys working with latitude but guidance, Simply Fun is a great way to do so. Simply Fun encourages its sales force to develop leadership skills by putting on home shows and doing online sales, too.

When you join up as a Simply Fun Playologist Builder, you will receive instant discounts on their award-winning games. You will also earn 25% on all sales and the amount grows as you bring additional people in as Playologist Builders under you, increasing your leadership status and your earnings can grow up to 42%. This compensation plan allows you to build your business by using your imagination and your own unique gifts of relating to others.

Simply Fun also rewards its top performers with perks and fun of their own. In the past, they have rewarded their top achievers with incentive trips and lap tops. These are top flight rewards, giving an indication of the high value they place on their Playologist Builders.

Simply Fun’s games average 30 to 45 minutes of playing time and they are a very aware company in developing new and award-winning games. This means that your stock of games will grow and remain interesting as your business grows. Another benefit to their Playologist Builders, is that they do not have territories; they do not limit a person’s opportunities. You can service any area you wish, so if you have family members in other parts of the country who can benefit from Simply Fun, you can present shows to them – or enlist them as Playologist Builders, too! Simply Fun is building a company for today’s direct sales entrepreneur – technology savvy, mobile oriented, and looking for choices that fit into your busy family lives.

One mother, who was a Playologist Builder, found that her son had fine-motor skill challenges and the two of them developed his skills through Simply Fun games that she was representing. This offers a service value beyond simply making a living that is very attractive. Imagine, providing a product that can aid families in such valuable ways!

Simply Fun does not screen potential Playologist Builders. People join for a variety of reasons — some love game-play, another group loves education & helping children and others join because they want to stay home & make a full-time income. You can earn as much as you “want”; you are only limited by your imagination and motivation.  They are very active in helping their Playologist Builders develop Social Media skills to promote themselves properly and become successful.

Their award-winning products, online business tools, personal training, social media efforts, and supportive community are there for you to build your success. Join other entrepreneurs like yourself and start building your success story while building smarter kids & stronger families.

Please visit the Simply Fun website, http://simplyfun.com/“>http://simplyfun.com/ for complete information on becoming a Playologist Builder and entering an exciting and valuable new endeavor. MjL