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By Janet Esposito

We affectionately refer to my youngest son as The Safety Inspector. If a toy has some kind of structural defect, he will find it within seconds and break it. It is an incredible process to watch, mostly because of his speed, but it forces me to become a toy repair specialist and glue connoisseur. He loves toy cars, so I have a box of teeny tiny wheels, which of course, are neither interchangeable nor traceable to their car of origin. He loves skateboarders, but the boards alone do not interest him and the ones with figures are never balanced correctly. He loves action figures, but I also am the proud owner of a box of toy heads, arms, and other body parts that have obviously failed to pass the Safety Inspection. In my search for a solution, I found SkaZooms.

SkaZooms are a line of new toys that encourage both imaginative and active play. Each unique character comes with its own custom helmet and board that easily snap together. They glide quickly over any smooth surface, without batteries or those tiny wheels that constantly fall off. The entire toy is incredibly well-made, especially when compared to similar toys on the shelves. These are sturdy figures that are ready for real kids who love to play.

The graphics are different than most commercial toy products, but retain the “cool” factor necessary to attract kids. Since the characters are not gender-specific, SkaZooms appeal to boys and girls – any child that loves to play with toy cars, toy skateboards, and action figures will immediately fall in love with these toys. Kids can collect all 10 funky, fun characters: Strawbs, Sarge, Blu, Gurge, Brownu, Grungy, Didgi, Gronk, Bot, and Skully. And all their accessory pieces are interchangeable, allowing kids to create their own personal combination to express their inner SkaZoom.

Skazooms glide effortlessly across smooth surfaces, so prepare for some epic racing. You can host the Grand Prix on the hardwood floors of your living room for hours of fun, or take them outside on the patio to create a more challenging course. One must-have accessory for little speed-lovers is the Zoom Launcher. Unlike similar car launchers, it is easy to operate and actually works every time you launch. The little characters pop into place within their board, eliminating the problems of balance and tiny parts breaking off. And with the line of other accessories available, you can take playtime to another level of fun.

The Bounce Park, Stunt Bowl, and Ramp Ride enable your SkaZoom to perform all sorts of death-defying stunts. The characters jump, flip, and bounce easily with all of the accessories. These accessories offer the ideal space to perfect tricks or execute complex aerobatic maneuvers. Kids can compete, battle, or invent their own games for hours of engaging play. And just like the characters, each accessory is solidly made and ready for fun.

These accessories can transform any area into a skateboarding paradise. The Bounce Park is like a complete, portable skate park that allows kids’ imagination to run wild. Use the Stunt Bowl to compete against friends and perform the craziest stunts your child can dream up. Your SkaZoom can grind along the rails, launch off the kicker, and then aim your character to hit the target in the middle of the Ramp Ride. With both the Bounce Park and the Ramp Ride, there are slots along the rails to store your boards, and they both include a sheet of stickers to personalize the accessories.

And one accessory all parents love – the Clip Case, a compact carrying case with spaces for each SkaZoom, along with its helmet and board, to fit in snugly. Not only are the toys in their own container, but you will never have to worry about misplacing accessories. Each Clip Case securely holds up to 3 characters, including their 3 helmets and 3 boards. For more information on all the SkaZooms and to begin collecting them for your little ones, please visit their website at J.E.