South Carolina Homeschooling Laws

This state has three ways to homeschool, the first of which is based upon the approval of the local school district; the second is to establish a homeschool under the auspices of the S. Carolina Assoc. of Independent Homeschools and the third is to establish a homeschool under the auspices of a homeschool association with at least 50 members. All 3 require the parent to possess at least a high school diploma or GED. In other requirements, all are virtually the same.

Reporting: Parents must maintain a record of subjects taught, a portfolio of the child’s work, activities s/he has engaged in and a record of the academic assessments and a semi-annual progress report.

Compulsory Attendance: 5 years old before Sept 1 until 17th birthday or high graduation; 180 days per year, 4.5 hours per day = 810 hours per year.

Required Subjects: Math, reading, writing, (literature and English composition in Gr 7-12), science and social studies.

Testing: The student must fulfill the annual statewide testing requirements.

State Organization(s):
(1) Academic Advantage Association
POB 806, Lyman, SC 29365; Tel: 864-968-1118 – E-mail:

(2) Carolina Homeschooler
POB 1421, Lancaster, SC 29721;