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Dear Readers:
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Despite the fact that it is true that homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, (at least as of April, 2010) the specific homeschooling laws vary from state to state and run the gamut of requirement from none at all on the easy side, to precise, strict laws regarding reporting, state intervention and regular administering of standardized tests and reporting of their results at the other extreme.

The information offered here is not to be construed as actual legal information in any way. Only a lawyer can provide such information and state laws can change greatly in a short time. You are responsible for knowing the current laws in your state regarding homeschooling and such knowledge is best learned from the statewide homeschooling association in the state, itself. This is particularly true if you are relocating and need to know the laws of your new state. The list below contains at least one such group for each state entry, except in the rare instance where there is none at all.

With the increased reporting pressure that is being applied to school officials regarding truancy, and their subsequent increased answerability, homeschoolers need to be proactive in letting those around them know that they are not truants, but seriously pursuing the academic interests of their children. The information offered here is intended as an overview.

In states that provide more than one option for legally homeschooling, we provide the independent parent-teaching option. If the other options are equally attractive, we will include them. If a section is not listed, that means that there is no requirement for that state as of the publication of this book. This includes the academic qualifications parents must possess to teach their own children.