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  • Write At Home Online Courses for Homeschoolers in Middle & High School

    . http://www.writeathome.com/ 2204 Fort Belvoir Dr Virginia Beach, VA, 23464 757-749-6000 by Emerson Sandow Writing has always been a vital skill and even today, with the encroachment of electronic media, with foreshortened communications such as texting, etc., being able to convey one’s thoughts on paper reigns as the most important of skills – doing so Continue Reading

  • Theatre In Your Homeschooling Provides a Wealth of Study Opportunities

    www.accentandactingresources.com By Michael Leppert Theatre Arts offers one of the most unique and enjoyable Unit Study resources that homeschooling families can utilize. Incorporating Theatre Arts into your home education curriculum affords these topics of study and mastery: Public Speaking, Memorization, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Movement, Voice Training, Psychology, Philosophy, Great Literature, Ancient History, Modern Continue Reading