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  • Making Sense of Computer Degrees

    by Andrea Yust of Homeschool Programming Understanding Your Undergraduate Options Is your student thinking about a career in computers? Great! Today’s job market for software engineers and computer programmers is excellent and projected to grow steadily over the next decade. When entering college your budding programmer will be faced with a wide selection of confusing Continue Reading

  • See-n-Read® Reading Tools

    CadenaSmith Enterprises 2533 Sutton Lane Aurora, IL 60502 www.see-n-read.com info@see-n-read.com 630-236-5592 See-n-Read®, Two sizes: “Book” – 5-1/2″ x 3″ $2.99) and “Document” 8-1/2″ x 3″ ($3.49) Memory Mark™ – the ReadBar™ is cut open, so you can underline/highlight the line of text. Same price as See-n-Read® Computer Screen version – re-sizable, adjustable transparency allows you Continue Reading

  • Art Trek – Community Art Center

    www.ArtTrek.org 703 Rancho Conejo Blvd Newbury Park, CA 91320 E-mail: info@arttrek.org By Jennifer Nairne Recently I stumbled upon a secret garden in Newbury Park. Hiding in plain sight amongst the seemingly endless rows of businesses in the industrial complex, it doesn’t look very special. But just beyond the tinted door lies a warehouse of creativity Continue Reading

  • California African American Museum

    http://www.caamuseum.org/ One of the most imaginative and unique museums in the country, Los Angeles is fortunate to boast of such a resource for anyone who wishes learn more about the African American experience. African Americans have had a huge influence on our modern culture and life and the CAAM displays art, literature, photography and more Continue Reading

  • Ultimate Music Theory Ltd. – Music Theory Educational Materials

    www.ultimatemusictheory.com E-mail: info@ultimatemusictheory.com Toll-free 877-868-6644 By Jennifer Nairne There are a variety of “quick” or “easy” music programs promising to train you to play an instrument in a fraction of the time usually required. They sound great and beginners usually learn the basic reading of notes and tempo, but this “shortcut” will be a deficit Continue Reading