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  • Making Sense of Computer Degrees

    by Andrea Yust of Homeschool Programming Understanding Your Undergraduate Options Is your student thinking about a career in computers? Great! Today’s job market for software engineers and computer programmers is excellent and projected to grow steadily over the next decade. When entering college your budding programmer will be faced with a wide selection of confusing Continue Reading

  • Common Core Standards What Do They Mean for Homeschoolers?

    By Tracy Weissman Dunbar Our schools have been quietly taken over. We are no longer teaching the skills and concepts that our kids need. Gone are the days of creativity, innovation, and personal growth: Here are the days of nationalized pigeonholing, segregation, dysfunction. It used to be that in America you could be whatever you Continue Reading

  • Beaver Cleaver and the Battle of Hastings. . . If you use crummy words, people will think you’re a creep!

    By Jerry Bailey About a year ago I was in Florida for my son’s wedding and had the TV on while getting dressed. I happened upon one of my all time favorite shows, “Leave it to Beaver.” In this episode, Wally was helping Beaver with his English homework, and Beaver was really struggling. Finally, in Continue Reading

  • Low Cost Homeschool Yearbooks From U Build a Book

    U Build a Book is a self-publishing company in California, serving writers who wish to self-publish. But they also serve homeschoolers in support groups whose families wish to create a yearbook to commemorate their group activities and give their children a keepsake that will last forever. U Build a Book offers many attractive features that Continue Reading

  • Learning Through Art: Books Alive! – Performing Arts Literacy for Preschool Through 3rd Grade

    www.learningthroughart.com 1420 Sycamore Street Suite F50 Cincinnati, OH 45202 Phone: (866) 242-3252 Email: general@lartinc.com By Jennifer Nairne As babies, my children had a love/hate relationship with books – they thought they tasted great, but weren’t into sitting down to listen to the story. Despite my attempts to promote literature as more than a light snack, Continue Reading