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  • Streamable Learning Brings the World to Your Home Affordably

    http://www.streamablelearning.com by Emerson Sandow The Internet has made possible tremendous changes in our lives. One of the most significant is in educational content creation and delivery. Now your child or support group can have real-world learning experiences at home. A company called Streamable Learning offers a very wide menu of supplemental video streaming “field trips” Continue Reading

  • “Organic” By Every Other Name

    •  The term “organic” as the FDA uses it is not useful or meaningful •  The definition is the result of lobbying by agribusiness & other special interests •  Many people have allergies and sensitivities to everyday products •  There are companies that strive for a higher standard than the FDA standards •  Three of Continue Reading


    What’s it worth to save the earth? By Glenda Lehman Ervin, Lehman’s Hardware [This is how to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. It will help you make eco-friendly choices that are easy on your budget, as well as Mother Nature. ] One of the most attractive benefits of living green is that it will save Continue Reading