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  • Making Sense of Computer Degrees

    by Andrea Yust of Homeschool Programming Understanding Your Undergraduate Options Is your student thinking about a career in computers? Great! Today’s job market for software engineers and computer programmers is excellent and projected to grow steadily over the next decade. When entering college your budding programmer will be faced with a wide selection of confusing Continue Reading

  • Connie Crawford Leads the Way in Bringing Fashion Design & Sewing to the Homeschooling World

    By Michael Leppert In the world of fashion design, creation and sewing, there is a new wave of interest and excitement which extends to the homeschooling world. Sewing has traditionally been a popular “cottage” activity for homeschoolers and many homeschooled students learn to make their own clothes and home décor items as part of a Continue Reading

  • Ultimate Music Theory Ltd. – Music Theory Educational Materials

    www.ultimatemusictheory.com E-mail: info@ultimatemusictheory.com Toll-free 877-868-6644 By Jennifer Nairne There are a variety of “quick” or “easy” music programs promising to train you to play an instrument in a fraction of the time usually required. They sound great and beginners usually learn the basic reading of notes and tempo, but this “shortcut” will be a deficit Continue Reading

  • Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd — And Yours Will Be Too!

    By Diane Flynn Keith I am sick and tired of defending homeschooling from the question, “What about socialization?” Members of the modern homeschool movement have insisted for thirty years that homeschooled children are well-socialized. We laughingly refer to socialization as the “S word.” We deflect the socialization question by insisting it’s a myth.  And yet, Continue Reading

  • Beacon College – Four-Year College Specifically for the Learning Disabled or Challenged Student

    www.beaconcollege.edu 105 East Main Street Leesburg, FL 34748 352-787-7249 E-mail: admissions@beaconcollege.edu Many intelligent individuals have learning disabilities. These individuals need to learn how to tap into learning strategies which help them process, retain, and transfer knowledge and information. If you are an individual with a specific learning disability you are in the company of many Continue Reading