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  • Making Sense of Computer Degrees

    by Andrea Yust of Homeschool Programming Understanding Your Undergraduate Options Is your student thinking about a career in computers? Great! Today’s job market for software engineers and computer programmers is excellent and projected to grow steadily over the next decade. When entering college your budding programmer will be faced with a wide selection of confusing Continue Reading

  • Operation: Maccabee–Board game for ages 8+, 2-4 players; Liberating WWII Concentration Camps

    www.flasterventure.com Email: help@flasterventure.com By Jennifer Nairne Operation: Maccabee is a board game developed by FlasterVenture, a company known for family-friendly board games, most of which incorporate Jewish holidays. Unlike their other games, Operation: Maccabee does not celebrate a holiday and instead delves into a part of Jewish history that remains a sensitive topic of discussion Continue Reading

  • Matzakoman–Board Game for ages 8+, 2-4 players

    www.flasterventure.com Email: help@flasterventure.com By Jennifer Nairne Whether your family is religious or not, religion — especially Judeo-Christian — is a very big part of History and of the Western world around us. Some conservative Christian families observe Jewish holidays in respect of their shared history, while even the most secular Americans are vaguely aware of Continue Reading

  • Maccabees –Board game for ages 8+, 2-4 players

    http://www.flasterventure.com Email: help@flasterventure.com By Jennifer Nairne Late in the holiday season last year, a friend confided how difficult it was to celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas – with all of the accompanying traditions, presents, and family celebrations. Despite her many attempts to incorporate her husband’s Jewish faith, it was difficult for Chanukah to “compete” with Continue Reading

  • See-n-Read® Reading Tools

    CadenaSmith Enterprises 2533 Sutton Lane Aurora, IL 60502 www.see-n-read.com info@see-n-read.com 630-236-5592 See-n-Read®, Two sizes: “Book” – 5-1/2″ x 3″ $2.99) and “Document” 8-1/2″ x 3″ ($3.49) Memory Mark™ – the ReadBar™ is cut open, so you can underline/highlight the line of text. Same price as See-n-Read® Computer Screen version – re-sizable, adjustable transparency allows you Continue Reading