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  • Are Core Curriculum Standards and Critical Thinking Killing the Love for Learning?

    By Ronald E. Johnson, C.Ph.D. So-called educational experts have for more than three decades adopted the mantra of promoting critical thinking skills, ostensibly to inspire children to develop a love for learning. At the same time, sympathizers of Common Core Standards decry the practice of rote memory of facts and figures, and insist on universal Continue Reading

  • Theatre In Your Homeschooling Provides a Wealth of Study Opportunities

    www.accentandactingresources.com By Michael Leppert Theatre Arts offers one of the most unique and enjoyable Unit Study resources that homeschooling families can utilize. Incorporating Theatre Arts into your home education curriculum affords these topics of study and mastery: Public Speaking, Memorization, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Creative Writing, Movement, Voice Training, Psychology, Philosophy, Great Literature, Ancient History, Modern Continue Reading