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  • Hands-On English Curriculum

    http://grammarandmore.com/product/hoe.htm Hands-On English handbook (2nd ed.): Paperback. 182 pages, 8 x 10.5 inches. The cornerstone of the curriculum, giving quick access to the basics of English to people 9+ years of age, including adults. With illustrations, index, appendices. © 2004. ISBN: 0966486757, $14.95. Activity Book: 175 practice and test pages, plus 26 pages of answers Continue Reading

  • Analytical Grammar – Complete English Courses for Success

    3810-201 Lunceston Way Raleigh, NC 27613 www.analyticalgrammar.com (919)783-0795 Jr. Analytical Grammar, 11 “weekly” lessons Gr 4-5 Jr. AG Mechanics supplemental book Beyond the Book Report & Essay and Research Paper – a middle-school-age writing course Analytical Grammar – 2-year or 3-year course, books & DVD lessons and reinforcement & review materials, Gr 6-12 Analytical Grammar Continue Reading