Tennessee Homeschooling Laws

Parents have 3 options for homeschooling. (1) Be a homeschool as an individual family; (2) Be a homeschool as part of a church school; (3) Operate as an extension campus of a church school. Option 3 has the least requirements, while Option 1 has the most. Those will be listed here. Parents who are teaching Gr K-8 only need a high school diploma or equivalent. To teach Gr 9-12, a B.A. is necessary or a waiver from the education commissioner.

Reporting: Parents must file a Notice of Intent to the local school superintendent by August 1 of each year. Attendance records must be kept and submitted to the local superintendent at the end of each school year.

Compulsory Attendance: Age 6 to 17; 180 days per year, 4 hours per day

Required Subjects: For Gr K-8, no requirements. For Gr 9-12, the parents must teach either a college prep track per the guidelines of the state four-year colleges or must teach a general studies track, per the requirements of the state board of education to achieve high school graduation.

Testing: Parents must arrange for a standardized test to be administered by the commissioner of education in Gr 5, 7 and 9.

State Organization(s):
(1) Tennessee Home Education Association (Christian)
3677 Richbriar Court, Nashville, TN 37211; Tel: 615-834-3529;
http://tnhea.org/ – E-mail jcthornton3@earthlink.net

(2) TnHomeEd.com (Christian)
http://www.tnhomeed.com – E-mail: Info@TnHomeEd.com

Convention(s): Memphis Home Education Association (MHEA) Conference &
Curriculum Fair – Memphis, TN; For information see their website at