by Michael Leppert

“Preparedness is a lot like insurance, you have to have it before the need arises.”

Homeschoolers tend to be — or become — independent and self-reliant. Nothing makes you more inclined to be responsible for your own life than being responsible for your child’s education and daily life, instead of relying upon the government to do it! Once you become aware of child-rearing autonomy, you can never turn back.

In these unsettling times we find ourselves in, the qualities of independence, self-reliance and awareness that most homeschoolers have to develop, are going to be necessary for the overall well-being of one’s family in social and environmental matters. Fortunately, there is help — The Survival Center.

In the camping, survival and preparedness business since 1970, The Survival Center understands about being self-aware and responsible; having the right equipment and tools to ensure one’s safety and security no matter what calamity may befall: Wildfire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, volcano (remember Mt. St. Helens?), pandemics, auto emergencies, man-made disasters such as the economic meltdown or anything else that requires individual survival and forethought. And not all survival is dire and dark — much of it is recreational; The Survival Center has been outfitting campers and backpackers since they began in the survival business.

Basic Preparedness Course
The Survival Center offers a unique 3-part Home Study Course, “Basic Preparedness”, which consists of 3-DVDs, (6 hours) filmed before a live class, their 56-page catalog and their 200-page book, Basic Preparedness, which provide the user with the secret Why’s and How-To’s of being prepared to be on your own for long periods of time. The DVDs cover such topics as Children; Bird Flu & Pandemics; General Preparedness; Food Storage; Water; Self-Defense; Shelters and a great deal more. . . virtually all of the information and knowledge you need to give you the edge in surviving and thriving in catastrophic situations and adverse conditions.

The Survival Center website also offers information on vitamins and other supplements that might be useful now — before you need them for survival. Their 56-page online catalog is crammed with excellent products and ideas that will help you to tailor your family’s survival plan just as you tailor your educational plan — made to fit your individual needs and personalities. You can subscribe to their free E-newsletter, too, to begin receiving valuable information even before you buy anything!

Just as you nurture your autonomy in choosing how your children are raised and educated, you can nurture their health and survival in the face of the changes we find ourselves in. Please visit to partake of their wealth of information and guidance! MjL