Homeschool Character Kit specifically designed to help parents who homeschool to teach the fundamentals of strong character and “true success”.

By Emerson Sandow

John Wooden Pyramid of Success

Perhaps the most successful sports coach of all time is John R. Wooden, UCLA basketball legend. Coach Wooden was not simply a famous basketball coach, but also a great teacher, author, philosopher, and most importantly a model of strong inner character and integrity. Taught by his father to “never try to be better than someone else, but never cease to be the best you can be”, Coach created his own definition of Success: “Success is peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable”. He then spent 14 years constructing his famous “Pyramid of Success”, a blue print and model that defined and organized the 25 most important behaviors for doing and being your best in sports, in your work, and in life

Mr. Lynn Guerin, Creator of the John R. Wooden Course, had the life-changing privilege of working with Coach Wooden to develop The Course; then teach it with him for the last 10 years of Coach’s life. Mr. Guerin, partnering with the Wooden Family, has made it his mission to provide The Wooden Way (Wooden’s wisdom, life lessons and philosophy) to families, schools, corporations and organizations. He believes parents, children, teachers, coaches, managers and leaders will benefit from having John Wooden be their teacher, mentor and coach for life.

Growing up very poor in rural Indiana, Coach Wooden was blessed with a father (Joshua Wooden) who instilled in him a set of values that shaped his character and ultimately led Coach to his enviable adult success and his fundamental philosophy. Those values started with lessons on honesty and dealing with adversity. Coach Wooden called them 2 Sets of Three’s. For honesty, dad taught: Never Lie-Never Cheat-Never Steal. For adversity, dad taught: Don’t Whine-Don’t Complain-Don’t Make Excuses. “Just do the best you can”. Homeschooling parents, who make time to be in their children’s lives, can certainly relate to the elder Wooden’s loving, simple but profound approach. Being your child’s primary influence and setting the right example is the best way to guarantee your children will develop strong character, based on the right set of values.

Strong Character means learning to fail, and learning from failure. These are two seemingly difficult lessons for children today. Coach Wooden knew and taught that failure develops the strength that lies within a person. Everyone fails; some learn more from their mistakes than others. Teaching children not to fear failure, but to learn from it. builds character. Learning from failure can best be taught by teaching the core behaviors that lead to true success. That is what The Pyramid of Success is all about. Teaching the core behaviors that make up the foundation of The Pyramid is a great place to start — Industriousness, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Loyalty, and Cooperation. Then building on the foundation with behaviors like Self-Control, Alertness, Initiative and Intentness, will put children on the right path.

Mr. Guerin believes Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success should be hanging in every home in America, on every child’s bedroom wall. Mr. Guerin thinks & believes that if every family had a working knowledge of the Pyramid of Success, our society and culture would return to the fundamental values and principles that made America great.

For 17 years, The John R. Wooden Course has been developing products, events, consulting & coaching services, to bring Coach’s wisdom to schools, families, corporations & thousands nationwide. One offering is a Homeschool Character Kit, which includes:

  • – John R. Wooden Course Core Curricula/Coaching Guide
  • – 20/20 minute clip board character lessons (laminated)
  • – Pyramid of Success DVD Video of Coach Wooden
  • – Pyramid of Success poster (24×36) laminate (8.5×11)
  • – 3 Character Cards (wallet size)
  • – Two Sets of Three’s poster
  • – 52 week subscription to Wooden’s Wisdom coaching e-newsletter, providing a weekly lesson with video clip & application exercise).

This complete set of tools will help homeschooling parents to guide, build and teach strong character in their children. Visit their website, to learn more about Coach Wooden, his philosophy on building character and The Pyramid of Success. Visit the Store to see the complete line of products available. The Wooden Way is an investment in your children’s character and future success. Your return on that investment will be substantial and long lasting. ES